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This apartment sits on the first floor of a Victorian building in Notting Hill. In the 100+ years of its existence it had seen some poor treatment so we stripped it right back to its shell.  Rebuilding the apartment effectively as a shell within a shell, we were able to move services and room layouts around , and effectively insulate the flat against noise intrusion.  The layout then was reoriented, with the bedroom to the rear allowing a full width lounge fronting onto the balcony. Placing a glass bathroom in the centre of the floor plan was a little touch of daring!  Privacy was afforded with blinds but when open, this allowed views right through the apartment and effectively doubling the perception of space.
Bespoke interior detailing enabled us to effectively hide the kitchen within the walls of the living space so that a fully fitted kitchen did not intrude on the refined proportions of the lounge. As a final touch, the spartan finishing palette of white walls, bare pine floors and glass were an exercise of elegant restraint.

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