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Set in leafy south Belfast on the banks of the river Lagan, this scheme for 87 modern apartments was taken over after a number of failures to get through the planning process. A redesign, breaking up the mass of the composition, was successful and with this approval the value of the site could be realised. The internal layouts of the apartments were organised into a number of spacious standard types, whose organisation on the site reduced wasteful circulation space, creating the opportunity for more apartments and greater yield. Considerable attention was paid to the external expression, modelling the elevations into a series of layered planes, allowing the interiors to connect with short and long range views and enlivening the spaces with a variety of natural light sources. The complex is set within landscaped gardens, containing a number of water features themed on a singular sense of water - sight , sound , touch, reflection. Completed by Steve & Stuart Mcbriar, under the umbrella of WDR&RT Taggart in Belfast, to whom many thanks is given for the opportunity, support and photos.

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